Thursday, August 4, 2011

Laundry Today, or Naked Tomorrow

Well I know you have been waiting for the promised project. I know you have thought of nothing else for the last three days. I'm sorry about that...*shrug*

My laundry room is really not very pretty...honestly we live in a basement and the laundry room looks like...well...a basement. I've been seeing lots of people's laundry room re-do's and thinking I'd like to spruce mine up.

So off to the planning I went. I decided I wanted something colorful and fun with a cute saying. That's just how I roll. Found this one online and it made me laugh out loud, and figured that was the winner.

I originally thought of something like "welcome to the land of misfit socks...but hubby liked this one better. Well then I wanted to do some applique. I've done a little before and loved it so I braved it again this time and added these little beauties in the corners. (all hand drawn btw! GO ME!)

We're not going to focus on the stitching lines that seeped over into the blue. We're going to look at the cute pants applique, right?

Love the shirt. I don't know why...I just do

I'd wear this skirt!

Dedicated to the land of misfit socks. (again ignore the uneven stitching lines, and just focus on the pretty sock!)

Then when I finished with the whole project I ended up with this beauty! (the pic is blury...)

She's going to hang proudly above my washer...but right now hubby stole the tool box and I can't find it. So I get to wait for him to help me hang it. That...and I can't reach over the washer...

Hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week! It's Friday tomorrow, let's celebrate!

UPDATE: I just found the tools, so I went and hung it up all by myself! Don't need no man to hang my quilted wall stuffs! :-)